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Can your company's future
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ideas in a better way?

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Pipeline is a novel, service approach to innovation which actively develops a portfolio of products, services, and experiences that meet specific Fit & Fitness criteria, defined by you, that establish how and where you want to grow.

Pipeline attacks the primary reasons that innovation fails in great companies and relentlessly drives development from idea to Qualified Concept™ to customers. This approach amplifies your existing strengths and overcomes even the most stubborn innovation challenges.

Pipeline focuses a leader's limited time on making the most critical decisions, and having the transparent context needed to move forward with confidence. This is done in a way that offloads the day to day headaches inherent in any innovative environment so that leaders can run their existing business without distraction, knowing progress is being made towards their company's future.

Pipeline is a service that:

  • Understands your capabilities, competitors, industry and trends
  • Develops a portfolio of Qualified Concepts™
  • Tests concepts with your customers
  • Builds mock-ups, models, prototypes, test rigs
  • Prepares and trains your sales channels
  • Manages manufacturing and/or development
  • Leads you through compliance
  • Gets products and services into your customers hands

Pipeline can integrate the results back into your normal product development process at any step of the way.

We have one goal:
Get solutions into your customer's hands.

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To move fast, we focus on a single theme, no matter the product, solution, or experience: Does this deserve to exist? This perspective makes it nearly impossible to deceive ourselves that a product will be something it is not. While it is sometimes true that customers don't know what they want, our job is to show definitively whether they desire what's possible in the future you could build for them.

The Pipeline approach improves
innovation in 3 dramatic ways:

  • 1) Develops substantially better product concepts
  • 2) Lowers risk of developing concepts
  • 3) Compresses time-to-market

Pipeline is made of

We are often asked "What do you mean by product innovation?" Because no two products, services or experiences are the same, the answer isn't a simple one. We have experience developing, deploying, selling and supporting a broad array of products and services across numerous industries. As a result, we find that sometimes it is easier to talk about the numerous disciplines we have used in the past to deliver innovative solutions for clients. Below should give you an idea of some of the dimensions we look at when considering how to best approach a new challenge.


Product naming and copyrighting are a key tool to get customers interested in innovative products. We have built brands from the ground-up and re-branded entire divisions for fortune 100 clients.


Ideas are worthless. We have taken numerous products from the whiteboard to the real world through our concept vetting process. A mix of notions, trends, capabilities are part of the formula.


We aim for results, whether that's products on store shelves, or measurable change in revenue. Our work doesn't end with a Powerpoint full of recommendations.


Most solutions don't need bleeding-edge technology to succeed, but it's good to have a partner that has had success bringing to market first-of-a-kind technology.


Wood, glue, aluminum, foam-core, silicon, steel, glass, epoxy, ceramic, cardboard, foil, tape, soda bottles, rivets, casters. We believe the sooner you can get something in someone's hands, the better.


Simplicity is our goal for any system no matter how complex it's ultimate uses. You can't improve what you don't understand, and simplicity is the foundation of an evolvable system.


The fundamentals of business can never be overlooked, no matter the opportunity. Costs, commisions, licensing, labor, and interest all play a critical role in a successful model.


A common result from successful engagements is the request to coach teams in doing what we do. This is done on a case by case basis, and may be integrated into an upcoming product loop.


Critical. The sooner the better. We use a variety of rigorous customer insight and feedback tools throughout development to prove assumptions from the earliest stages.


Keeping customer information private isn't just about securing the data, it's also about building a product and culture around who you partner and share data with.


There are an alphabet soup of compliance standards that all need to be woven into your new programs. Standards like HIPPA, PCI and should be thought through from the beginning, and not bolted on later.


There are no shortcuts when it comes to securing customer data. But there are right ways and wrong ways to approach it. Whether it's IBE, FPE, or tokenization, we can help find the right combination


Innovation is hard. If you don't believe us, just look at the anti-patterns. Having an outsider's perspective is an invaluable tool for leaders.


We often see ideas before they are on other people's radar and sometimes the right relationship at the right time can be the missing piece to the puzzle.


Product development doesn't happen in a vacuum. The world keeps moving as you work, and you need to keep up or be left behind.

Pipeline is not a process.
It is people, experience, grit and determination
applied to your problems.

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