Flying Car

Answers the simple question

Why do your biggest
bets lose before they're
even placed?

Home Run
Hail Mary
Do or Die
Last Hope
Bet the Farm

Flying Car™ gives leaders the ability to confidently make long term bets on the future of their company, knowing that the principal reasons high risk committments often fail to pay off have been addressed.

Flying Car is part financial instrument, part Skunk Works development program, and is designed specifically to deliver results from long-term multi-faceted concepts. It can be thought of as a tool for reducing risk on the future of your company.

Not every development program is a fit for Flying Car, but candidate programs generally share the following:

  • 4 - 7 year time horizon
  • Success will be tranformative to the organization
  • Potential for new market or industry creation
  • Requires multiple significant developments
  • Disruptive to the existing business

Fewer than 1 of every 80 concepts are a fit for Flying Car. Even fewer meet the rigorous requirements.

How can you remove risk from your biggest opportunities?


Companies routinely assess and plan for financial risk but it is rare for companies to do the same for innovation. KNotion Labs has developed a way to reduce risk on the highest risk projects in your innovation portfolio by identifying and addressing critically overlooked failure triggers unique to long term programs. Flying Car directly attacks both the major reasons that long term initiatives fail, and why large organizations (especially) fail to survive disruption despite their resources and market position.

Flying Car: Take your industry on a ride

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