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KNotion Labs works with leaders to invent breakthough products and get them into the hands of customers.

KNotion Labs works with leaders to invent breakthough products and get them into the hands of customers.

Unprecedented disruption

Faster competitors

More unknowns

Less certainty

No time


re·al·i·ty /rēˈalədē/ (noun)

1) The arch-nemesis of growth. A relentless, cunning, and subtle saboteur of innovation. Most often completely overlooked as the principal cause of product development failures.

The secret to

Consistent Growth

is yours for the asking

The solution to a company's biggest problems is growth. And the best way to grow is to put new products and services into the hands of new customers. Simple.

We can show you how to create consistent growth from new products in a way that actually takes less of your time and is less work than what you do today.

A strategy built around the reality of your business as it operates today will put you back in control of the future of your company.

We are ready to help you right now, and can't wait to share our secrets to make you known for growth and innovation again.


Most growth programs are shut down because they've failed


Programs fail BECAUSE they are shut down

Reality based solutions


Answers the simple question:

Does your new product deserve to exist?



Answers the simple question:

Can your company's future be unlocked
by executing ideas in a better way?



Answers the simple question:

What impact do leader's decisions have on growth?


Flying Car

Answers the simple question:

Do your biggest bets lose before they're even placed?


Sometimes getting started can be half the battle

so KNotion Labs made it easy as possible

1 - 2 - 3

"After years of watching established companies routinely shut down their most promising prospects for growth, it became clear something critical was missing from how we understand and manage growth and innovation.

My own frustration led me to develop tools that directly address these critical gaps and create reliable, consistent growth. The result was a philosophy which became known as Reality Based Innovation.

I started KNotion Labs to give leaders powerful new tools to invent breakthrough products and get them into the hands of their customers."

- Grant Wood

founder, KNotion Labs

Breakthroughs start with Qualified Concepts™.
Our concept development capability
is second to none.
Are Pet Shows
and Ghost Stories

killing your future?

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Over the years, we've seen and experienced many subtle, and not-so-subtle, ways that important innovation programs fail to see the light of day. We've identified a number of these common behaviors as Innovation Anti-Patterns™ which highlight behaviors that inhibit innovation. We present them here for you to read for free, enjoy!

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